Dedicated to the families I serve to obtain appropriate educational services for students with special needs through a well written IEP; working collaboratively to achieve a win-win solution that supports your child.
— Sherry Diamond

Sherry Diamond, M.S., C.C.C., SLP, BCEA

Professionally trained as an ESL teacher as well as an educational consultant, I work in special education as a speech and language therapist with a Masters Degree and a Certificate of Clinical Competency. As a consultant, I am available to help parents and families understand how to move through the special education process.

I have worked in the area of literacy, autism and augmentative communication and neurological disorders serving students ages birth to 21.  As an active participant of the National Stroke Project headed by the NIH, I have worked extensively with young adults with severe head trauma. With my experience, I created the Speech and Language program at the White River Junction VA Hospital, a large clinical setting for men returning from the Vietnam War with neurological damage. Also, I teach English as a Second Language to children and adults, assuring them English language skills in reading, writing and conversation; aiding them to become independent adults and successful students.

I continue to be committed to families and students struggling to negotiate the Special Education System and to help determine appropriate programming needs for their children.

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• Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPPA)
• The National Special Education Advocacy Institute (NSEAI)
• International Dyslexia Association
• Decoding Dyslexia
• ARC of Chester County
• Southern Poverty Law Center
• Sierra Club
• National Association of Professional Women